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Breitling Replica has demonstrated its ability to create innovative and extraordinary materials with the Defy collection. This collection reflects Breitling's vision for the future of watchmaking, with groundbreaking pieces. With a carbon fiber body and integrated bracelet, the Breitling Defy Classic Carbon is a new kind of watch.

Carbon fiber is prized because of its unique combination of lightness, durability, and futuristic appearance. However, its use in watchmaking is very limited. The bracelet is one of the most overlooked parts. So-called carbon fibre watch bracelets were primarily made of composite material and attached to a base metal. They are only available for very rare, highly complex watches.

Breitling's Defy Classic Carbon is an elegant and striking solid carbon bracelet that Breitling has created for an automatic watch. It is both a technical marvel and a bold design statement.

The Manufacture had to face new technical challenges when producing a complete carbon fiber bracelet. The Defy Classic Carbon, which weighs in at 65 grams with its carbon bracelet & titanium clasp, sets a new standard for Breitling precision that goes beyond the movement.

It weighs just half of the Breitling Defy Classic titanium Replica Watches model with a bracelet made in the same metal. This metal is much lighter than other traditional metals such as stainless steel or gold. The watch's unique appearance leads to an unexpectedly smooth and silky feeling. Its light weight and balanced weight make it difficult to believe that you are wearing a watch.

Each link of the bracelet follows the angular lines that are characteristic of the Breitling Defy Classic Case. It is made from solid carbon fiber and each piece has been molded and machined with precision to highlight the layers of carbon fiber. This creates superior ergonomics for the wrist. Its lightness and comfort, as well as its visual impact, are sure to attract attention.

Each swiss Breitling Replica will have a unique look because the layers of carbon fiber are different from each other. The Breitling Defy Classic Carbon also comes with a black rubber cordura-effect leather strap with a titanium and carbon folding buckle. The Breitling Defy Classic Carbon is also available with a black rubber cordura-effect strap, with a carbon and titanium folding buckle.

The breitling replica is unaffected by the black carbon fiber bracelet and case. This accentuates the unique skeleton watch's futuristic and architectural aesthetic. The automatic Elite manufacture calibre, which has an open dial and a star-shaped pattern, has been darkened in ruthenium. Despite its black and anthracite tones, the dial is legible thanks to bright green Super-LumiNova applied hour markers and blackened hands.

From November 2020, the best Breitling Replica will also be available at Breitling Boutiques as well as retailers and online.


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